René Redzepi will speak at this year's Skift Global Forum. René Redzepi will speak at this year's Skift Global Forum.

Announcing René Redzepi at Skift Global Forum 2017

René Redzepi, founder and head chef of noma, is a speaker at this year’s Skift Global Forum, September 26-27 in New York City. Redzepi is one of the best people in the world to discuss creativity, innovation and change, and the impact that food has on defining a community and destination. 

The future of restaurants is more than just technology. The future of restaurants lies in the ideas, skills, thinking, and progress of the chefs and restaurateurs that push the industry forward. Since its start four years ago, Chefs+Tech has looked to those at the top of the industry creating change and advancing the craft of the business. Redzepi, his restaurant, and his creative projects have been a consistent source of inspiration for me. After attending two of the five MAD Symposiums, produced by Redzepi and a team in Copenhagen, I walked away with a better understanding of the important issues and challenges facing the modern restaurant industry. In years of restaurant-industry coverage, MAD days have been the most inspirational of my career. I’m thrilled that Rene Redzepi will be joining us onstage at Skift Global Forum, sharing his vision and passion, as we continue to expand our coverage of the business of dining out.

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