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Webinar: How Mobile Can Help Restaurants Improve Their Efficiency Game

In this webinar, we took a closer look at how mobile technology is helping empower restaurant management and their staff to more efficiently run their businesses and boost profitability. 

Mobile technology is taking over the restaurant sector. Driven by diners’ growing use of mobile to find where to eat, make reservations, order, pay, and accrue loyalty rewards, this mobile revolution is now moving behind-the-scenes, where new innovations in mobile technology are transforming the way restaurant operators run their business. These specialized “back-of-house” mobile services are changing the way restaurant managers and their staff handle a variety of functions, including customer acquisition and marketing, guest personalization, and helping streamline day-to-day operations. Using such mobile services can help dining businesses realize significant gains in productivity and help boost profitability.

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But even as more restaurant managers recognize the benefits of these mobile solutions, not all of them feel ready to implement them. According to a new benchmark study by Oracle Food and Beverage on the state of mobile adoption in the restaurant industry, over 80 percent of food and beverage industry leaders recognized the operational and customer service benefits of adopting mobile. Yet only 35 percent of these leaders said they are confident in their current mobile strategy and their plan for the future. In order to address this gap, restaurants will need to identify simple, cost-effective, solutions that can help deliver the operational and economic benefits promised by mobile.

What are these efficiencies, and how can restaurants drive them without disrupting their day to day? How and why is mobile playing an increasingly pivotal role in restaurant operations? In this webinar, “How Mobile Can Help Restaurants Improve Their Efficiency Game,” SkiftX Research Editor Jeremy Kressmann was joined by David Galante, Senior Director of F&B Solutions Management at Oracle Food and Beverage, and Dimitra O’Rourke, Director of Franchise Support & Training at Broken Yolk Café, for a lively discussion about how restaurants can unlock their true efficiency potential by adopting mobility.


  • Restaurant owners, operators, investors, and managers
  • Anyone interested in learning more about driving operational efficiency and improving customer experience in the food and beverage sector

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