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Restaurant Chains Benefit From Trump’s Trade War While Farmers Suffer

4 days ago

Too much meat is good news for chains selling stuff for cheap, but it's terrible long-term news for the people producing the food and could impact their ability to produce it in the future.


Restaurants Are Battling it Out in a ‘War for Talent’

3 months ago

The winners will be the ones who are willing to invest in paying competitively, building a safe work environment, and making sure leadership structures are in place with a clear path for employee growth.


Olive Garden Is Still Extremely Cautious on Delivery

6 months ago

Cautious isn't necessarily a bad approach, but delivery is a growing business for many competitors and it may be costing Olive Garden to be so slow to adopt.


Arby’s Isn’t Sure if U.S. Diners Are Ready for Lamb

7 months ago

Curiously, Arby's website says its "Traditional Greek Gyro" is made with "gyro meat," which we think says a bit about how ready it thinks the mass market is ready for lamb.


Restaurant Chains Play Catch-Up After a Long Winter

8 months ago

Hidden at the bottom of this story: potential good news for big chains offering or experimenting with delivery: a cold winter (and spring) doesn't seem to have affected delivery numbers.


Darden Says It Will Turn Tax Cut Into Employee Benefits

11 months ago

At this point the nature of the investment is vague, but Darden is a leader in the industry when it comes to employee benefits. Let's hope it pushes the envelope even further.


Delivery Isn’t Part of Olive Garden’s Strategy (Yet)

12 months ago

Olive Garden has posted growth for years even as other chains have floundered. If it's not broken...


Olive Garden’s Business Grows Amid Casual Dining Decline

1 year ago

Everyone agrees consumer behavior around restaurant chains is changing, but struggle to capture exactly what's happening. So what's to blame for Olive Garden's success last quarter — strong marketing around take-out or strong salad and breadsticks?