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Restaurants Are Battling it Out in a ‘War for Talent’

23 hours ago

The winners will be the ones who are willing to invest in paying competitively, building a safe work environment, and making sure leadership structures are in place with a clear path for employee growth.


Olive Garden Is Still Extremely Cautious on Delivery

3 months ago

Cautious isn't necessarily a bad approach, but delivery is a growing business for many competitors and it may be costing Olive Garden to be so slow to adopt.


Arby’s Isn’t Sure if U.S. Diners Are Ready for Lamb

4 months ago

Curiously, Arby's website says its "Traditional Greek Gyro" is made with "gyro meat," which we think says a bit about how ready it thinks the mass market is ready for lamb.


Restaurant Chains Play Catch-Up After a Long Winter

5 months ago

Hidden at the bottom of this story: potential good news for big chains offering or experimenting with delivery: a cold winter (and spring) doesn't seem to have affected delivery numbers.


Darden Says It Will Turn Tax Cut Into Employee Benefits

9 months ago

At this point the nature of the investment is vague, but Darden is a leader in the industry when it comes to employee benefits. Let's hope it pushes the envelope even further.


Delivery Isn’t Part of Olive Garden’s Strategy (Yet)

9 months ago

Olive Garden has posted growth for years even as other chains have floundered. If it's not broken...


Olive Garden’s Business Grows Amid Casual Dining Decline

1 year ago

Everyone agrees consumer behavior around restaurant chains is changing, but struggle to capture exactly what's happening. So what's to blame for Olive Garden's success last quarter — strong marketing around take-out or strong salad and breadsticks?