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Amazon Restaurants Still Lags Far Behind U.S. Delivery Rivals

1 week ago

The tech giant's restaurant business arm hasn't grown very much, perhaps by design, but an acquisition or two can change that.


Deliveroo to Raise $500 Million to Improve Negotiating Hand With Uber

3 weeks ago

How badly do Uber Eats or Amazon really need the money-losing Deliveroo? Enough to value it twice what they did a few months ago? That just seems silly.


Uber Eats Will Triple Staff in Europe, the Middle East and Africa

1 month ago

With all this attention on delivery outside of Asia, Uber Eats and its rivals are clear that they have to focus elsewhere for growth, and that focus is becoming fierce.


Uber Considers a Deliveroo Buy to Expand Its European Reach

3 months ago

It's never too early for speculation, and this move would dramatically expand Uber Eats' footprint in the competitive European restaurant delivery market.


Ex-Deliveroo Exec Tests Branded Ghost Kitchens in Paris

6 months ago

We're not going to say that if it doesn't work in New York, it won't work elsewhere. So we'll just suggest that this Paris operation work hard not to underestimate labor or logistics and think seriously about pricing as well.


Deliveroo and Uber Eats Are Sharing London Restaurants’ Low Food Safety Scores

8 months ago

Restaurants may hate it, but it's a consumer-first approach that can build loyalty in a world where there's often little difference between the giant delivery apps.


Delivery Services Work to Help Virtual Restaurants

1 year ago

Virtual restaurants will take off thanks to data and logistics help from delivery services. But this popularity will usher in a new battleground: exclusivity on any given channel in exchange for help.


Uber Is Crushing the Funding Dreams of U.K. Food Rival Deliveroo

1 year ago

We're not sure food delivery is in Uber's long-term interests as it faces so many battles on so many fronts. So while loosing out on a few hundred million in funding is no fun, so is being saddled with a massive valuation that you will never ever live up to no matter how many lamb curries you deliver.


In Battle With Uber Eats, Deliveroo Deploys Field Kitchens

2 years ago