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Just Eat Urged to Seek Merger With a Rival

8 months ago

Activist investor Cat Rock is growing more impatient by the day with Just Eat's lack of a CEO appointment. Somewhere Yelp is reading this understanding the UK company's pain.


Takeaway Buys Delivery Hero’s German Division for $1 Billion

10 months ago

We know consumers like easy delivery, but it's too easy not to be loyal to one company and the cost of customer acquisition is too high to for companies to battle it out in the marketplace. So the carving up of markets will accelerate in 2019.


Why Restaurants Still Lag on Digital Transformation

11 months ago

The big battle to come at restaurant brands is chief marketing officer vs. chief digital officer. Smart brands will realize that cooperation can breed innovation rather than conflict.


Just Eat’s Stock Is Showing the Impact of Strong Delivery Challengers

1 year ago

Just Eat was an early mover, but it doesn't appear that it's kept moving at the pace necessary to fight back rivals or expand out of its small UK market.


Delivery Hero Sells Controlling Stake to Media Giant Naspers

2 years ago

Will there ever be enough money in playing middleman between restaurants and consumers to make these giant investments really make long-term sense?


Brooklyn Coffee Shop Claims Starbucks Caused Unicorn Confusion

2 years ago


Delivery Hero Plans to Raise $1.1 Billion in IPO

2 years ago

The once upstart food delivery market has officially grown up, as evidenced by the huge valuations — like Delivery Hero's €4.4 valuation post IPO.