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Restaurant Prices Are Growing Faster Than Grocery Prices

6 days ago

Full-service restaurants, like Olive Garden and LongHorn Steakhouse, had no choice but to raise menu prices in December. Labor and food costs have to be paid somehow.


Wages Still a Challenge for Restaurant Operators Despite Higher Average Checks

4 weeks ago

Higher average checks have offset increased wage demands to an extent this year. But with many experts predicting a slowdown in the economy, restaurants are going to have to find another way.


Olive Garden’s Parent Company Is No Closer to Finding a Delivery Partner

4 weeks ago

A delivery partnership for Olive Garden could come soon, since its current in-house delivery platform is disappointing customers.


Olive Garden Is Upping Its Unlimited Pasta Pass to 365 Days

5 months ago

Getting the pass is the challenge for consumers, but getting the huge marketing value off of this is an easy win for Olive Garden.


Olive Garden Is Still Extremely Cautious on Delivery

7 months ago

Cautious isn't necessarily a bad approach, but delivery is a growing business for many competitors and it may be costing Olive Garden to be so slow to adopt.


Olive Garden Distances Itself From Limited-Time Promotions

10 months ago

Any limited-time offer risks being perceived as a gimmick, and it looks like Olive Garden wants to re-up its image as a high quality, dine-in destination.


Darden Says It Will Turn Tax Cut Into Employee Benefits

1 year ago

At this point the nature of the investment is vague, but Darden is a leader in the industry when it comes to employee benefits. Let's hope it pushes the envelope even further.


Delivery Isn’t Part of Olive Garden’s Strategy (Yet)

1 year ago

Olive Garden has posted growth for years even as other chains have floundered. If it's not broken...


Olive Garden’s Business Grows Amid Casual Dining Decline

2 years ago

Everyone agrees consumer behavior around restaurant chains is changing, but struggle to capture exactly what's happening. So what's to blame for Olive Garden's success last quarter — strong marketing around take-out or strong salad and breadsticks?


Restaurants Use Technology to Nudge Us into Spending More

2 years ago