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Top Restaurant Marketers Q&A: Tock’s Nick Kokonas

2 weeks ago

Give Nick Kokonas access to a Medium account and a nice glass of wine tonight, and he'll give you nationwide brand awareness tomorrow.


Skift Table’s Top Restaurant Marketers 2019

1 month ago

How do you get modern consumers to eat your burger, share photos of your food, or book a reservation? These leaders understand what it takes to market a restaurant brand to today's fickle diners. Competitors should take note.


Restaurant Reservation Services Battle Over Valentine’s Day Discovery (and Beyond)

2 months ago

We don't want to judge, but do you really want an app telling you the romantic place to go? Save the special occasion advice for human intelligence.


Why Surge Pricing and Blockchain Tracking at Restaurants Aren’t Far Off

4 months ago

As far as trends go, we'd much rather talk about innovations like variable pricing (the new happy hour?) and blockchain sourcing than silly things like robot kitchens.


Tock, Sweetgreen and More: November Restaurant Industry Funding

4 months ago

Several fast casual restaurant chains paired up with private equity firms this month in order to scale, and Tock is fueling up for a big year ahead.


Restaurant Reservations Now: Soft Landings, CEO Shuffles and New Tech

5 months ago

The reservations landscape has changed significantly over the past year. While the big players are (mostly) the same, new technology, new leadership, and new strategies keep the game interesting.


Skift Table’s Top Restaurant Tech Startups to Watch 2018

8 months ago

Our inaugural list of top tech startups in 2018 contains best-of-breed examples from the kitchen to the host stand and beyond. Restaurant tech is a complicated and fast-growing landscape full of well-intentioned ideas, but success today and beyond lies in the execution of those ideas in a human-powered industry.


Tock Releases a Dedicated App for Booking Reservations

10 months ago

Tock started as a ticketing platform aimed to change the way restaurants offer reservations. A new consumer-facing app puts the company squarely alongside its reservations competitors.


Is Instagram’s Reservations Feature Good Business for Restaurants? Jury’s Still Out

11 months ago

Instagram's booking functionality produced a whole lot of hype when the launch was announced last year, but who's actually using it?


Red Robin’s $99 Burger Pass Is the Poor Man’s Tock

1 year ago

What do a ten-course tasting menu at Eleven Madison Park and a Red Robin cheeseburger have in common? Both restaurants want your pre-paid dollars well before service starts.


The New Restaurant Reservations Landscape

1 year ago

A reservation isn’t just a reservation anymore. Welcome to the customized, curated future.


Tock CEO Nick Kokonas Says He Can Prove Many Restaurants Are Overpaying OpenTable

2 years ago

The Tock CEO's disdain for OpenTable isn't secret, but it seems he now has empirical evidence to back up what he's been saying for years.