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McDonald’s Will Drop Its Frozen Patties in Exchange for Fresh Beef, Eventually

2 weeks ago

We'd love to see quality beat out discounting, but that's not always a safe bet. Even if this experiment succeeds, don't expect McD's to unplug its freezers.


Wendy’s Reddit AMA Can’t Match Its Top-Notch Twitter Game

3 months ago

Wendy's Reddit AMA keeps the formula for the brand's secret sauce to itself, and still provides no answer to the future of Spicy Chicken Nuggets.


Wendy’s Wins as #NuggsForCarter Is the Top Twitter Retweet of 2017

4 months ago

It's been an excellent year for fast food chains and social media, and Wendy's ability to stoke interest in the #nuggsforcarter push certainly paid off beyond its wildest dreams.


Wendy’s Falls Behind Peers as Competitors Up Their Burger Game

4 months ago

Wendy's upgrades in the last few years have made it more fast casual adjacent than just fast food. It will need to do more to distinguish its offerings as McDonald's and others improve food quality and get more creative with pricing.


Burger King Tries to Burn Wendy’s with Its Own Spicy Nuggets

5 months ago

I don't know about you but I'm crossing my fingers for another fast food Twitter smackdown over spicy nuggets.


Teen’s Plea for Free Wendy’s Nuggets Sets Retweet Record

11 months ago

A year's worth of nuggets will cost Wendy's about $500. You can't buy this kind of viral marketing.


1.27.2016: Trip Tips / Hospitality Tech

2 years ago