John Besh to Leave Besh Restaurant Group After Sexual Harassment Allegations

3 hours ago

There's a sense throughout the restaurant industry that this is the first of many allegations, as well as an opportunity to reset the lopsided dynamics within the industry that allow cultures like this to thrive.


Chicago Is Down One Michelin-Starred Restaurant This Year

20 hours ago

Chicago lost two two-starred restaurants last year due to closures but still features a strong list of award winners, including the usual suspects.


Bobby Flay Will Close His Midtown Manhattan Restaurant Bar Americain

3 days ago

The balance between celebrity chef and running a restaurant is never easy but lease renewals always offer an opportunity to rethink what you're doing.


Adding Up the Costs Behind Le Cirque’s Bankruptcy and Closure

5 days ago

No restaurant is immune to the challenges of staying in business, not even those once at the pinnacle of fine dining.


TripAdvisor’s Best Restaurant in the World Through the Eyes of a Food Critic

6 days ago

TripAdvisor's restaurant listings and recommendations are one step removed from Yelp's when it comes to understanding what's good and bad. But that doesn't mean they don't have the power to make and break some restaurants.


Mission Chinese Brings the Farm Even Closer to the Table

2 weeks ago

Mission Chinese would be a fringe case of success for a project like this, but it has a halo effect that could lead larger operations to experiment.


San Francisco Is Losing Its Great, Inexpensive Restaurants

3 weeks ago

It's a real shame that a city that cares so much about its food can't support the cost of doing business for restaurants looking to offer great food at reasonable prices.


Fast Food Restaurants Slow Down Hiring After Years of Growth

3 weeks ago

Humans are better than tablets, which is why smart restaurants will see digital tools as a way to increase growth rather than simply cut other costs.


Hotel Says Customers’ Expectations of Michelin Stars Is Bad for Business

3 weeks ago

Michelin stars are awarded to restaurants based on food and service, but its growing reputation for rewarding mostly fine dining establishments seems to be skewing diners' expectations.


Why René Redzepi Needed to Close the Original Noma

4 weeks ago

It's clear that Redzepi's stints in Japan, Australia, and Mexico have been crucial in helping him develop new ideas. The new Noma will be very different to old one, but that's a good thing.


Does Corporate Investment Kill Indie Food Brands?

1 month ago

We're pulling for Blue Bottle to maintain its indie cred even though it now has serious corporate backing.


The Fascinating Story of a Sushi-Making Robot

2 months ago

This is a cool case of cause and effect. To save the rice industry, one man literally revolutionized sushi.