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Restaurant Megatrends 2019: Forget Main Street, It’s the Year of the Suburb

2 mins ago

As they race to dominate in the market, third party delivery companies are targeting large, suburban markets to fuel expansion. National chain partnerships boosted these efforts in 2018 and will continue to drive growth in 2019.


Domino’s CFO: Our New Expansion Strategy Hurt Comparable Sales in 2018

18 hours ago

It's clear the pizza chain has placed greater emphasis on net sales and order count than on comparable store sales.


5 Ways to Improve Your Restaurant Website Updates

5 months ago

When and how you’re making updates matters, but if your restaurant website isn’t mobile-friendly you risk over 50 percent of your guests not seeing them.


Restaurant Wine Lists Are Finally Getting Shorter

21 hours ago

Nobody likes to stare down a hefty book of wine choices at a restaurant and pretend like they know what they're doing. Shorter, more tightly curated wine lists make more sense for staff and diners alike.


OpenTable Encourages Diners to Travel With Its New Loyalty Play

24 hours ago

This is a prime example of "Why didn't they think of this sooner?"


Starbucks No Longer Dominates the Coffee Market in China

2 days ago

One-year-old startup Luckin' Coffee is making huge gains in China with an easy, straightforward strategy: sell cheaper coffee than Starbucks and be consistently faster on pick-up and delivery.


Shake Shack Plans to Launch Food Trucks in February

2 days ago

Shake Shack's food trucks are a smart play to boost company sales in the lucrative private events and catering space.


Yelp’s Underwhelming Performance Is Frustrating a Top Investor

2 days ago

This isn't the first time SQN Investors has made recommendations to help Yelp increase value for shareholders. The review site's failure to add many new accounts recently has investors antsy.


McDonald’s Loses Big Mac Battle to Irish Chain

2 days ago

When a little chain beats a big chain we tend to get excited, but when that little chain is also the licensee of Papa John's in Ireland we get less excited.