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DoorDash Raises $250 Million Nearly Tripling Its Valuation

DoorDash announced another massive round of funding. / DoorDash DoorDash announced another massive round of funding. / DoorDash

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Looking at the Foundations of Food Tourism Through ‘Foodways’

1 day ago

Thinking about a region’s “foodways,” or how its food, culture, and history connect, can help destinations tell meaningful, unique stories to travelers.


Wendy’s Sells Stake in Arby’s Parent Company for $450 Million

2 days ago

It was the last remaining stake that Wendy's had in Arby's, which it formerly owned. The influx of cash (about $335 million after taxes) will go towards stock buybacks and investing in undefined general company growth.


Interview: Chef Chris Scott and Eugenie Woo on Managing a Growing Business

3 weeks ago

Your restaurant’s website should make you just as proud as your restaurant. No matter how big or small your business, your website is often the first thing guests see.


Spending at Restaurants in the U.S. Sets a New Record

2 days ago

Whether it's increased traffic or people paying more for their meals it's a good sign. But we sincerely hope it's the latter: Too-cheap food is bad for workers and for diners alike.


Activists Try to Kick Trump Appointees Out of McDonald’s Labor Dispute

3 days ago

Two of Trump’s appointees to the National Labor Relations Board have previously worked as attorneys advising franchise owners in how to deal with the "Fight for $15" movement. It's unlikely that they could objectively weigh in on a labor dispute centered around that same movement.


Food Delivery Service Waitr Is Rapidly Expanding Under New Ownership

3 days ago

Scaling up is great for the service, but it's not immune to growing pains along the way.


China Sovereign Fund Pushes $13 Billion Yum China Takeover

4 days ago

Yum China has less than a fourth of the number of restaurants as its U.S. sibling, but it's market cap is more than half of it, which points to the optimism for its growth in a market that, unlike the U.S., is not completely oversaturated.


5 Ways to Improve Your Restaurant Website Updates

5 days ago

When and how you’re making updates matters, but if your restaurant website isn’t mobile-friendly you risk over 50 percent of your guests not seeing them.


After Two Years, Farmacy Is Still Selling Its Plant-Based Hype Abroad

5 days ago

In a market not exactly known for its vegan fare, Camilla Fayed's Farmacy works to create pleasing dishes with only plant-based ingredients, hopefully inspiring other businesses to make small but meaningful changes, too.