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5 of Our Top Questions Ahead of Skift Restaurants Forum

The first annual Skift Restaurants Forum is on Monday, September 24. / Skift The first annual Skift Restaurants Forum is on Monday, September 24. / Skift

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McDonald’s Needs to Treat Its Chickens Better Says Major Stockholder

2 mins ago

More humane treatment of animals on a large scale would have a huge impact, but we're certain we'll hear that McDonald's can't provide better conditions and offer value meals at the same time.


Uber Considers a Deliveroo Buy to Expand Its European Reach

20 hours ago

It's never too early for speculation, and this move would dramatically expand Uber Eats' footprint in the competitive European restaurant delivery market.


5 Ways to Improve Your Restaurant Website Updates

1 month ago

When and how you’re making updates matters, but if your restaurant website isn’t mobile-friendly you risk over 50 percent of your guests not seeing them.


Restaurants Are Battling it Out in a ‘War for Talent’

21 hours ago

The winners will be the ones who are willing to invest in paying competitively, building a safe work environment, and making sure leadership structures are in place with a clear path for employee growth.


How Restaurateurs Are Tackling Staffing Issues

1 day ago

Staffing is a hot-button issue for chefs and restaurateurs across the country, with shortages hitting critical mass in larger markets like New York and San Francisco. If it’s not hiring for the core kitchen crew, it’s looking for flexible skilled staff to help fill immediate needs. For help on the fly, chefs like Andrew Corrigan are turning to Pared for help.


Chef Alon Shaya Tries to Put Besh Behind Him With Two New Projects

1 day ago

Lawsuits behind him, Alon Shaya has started building his Israeli food empire, betting what worked in New Orleans will work in Denver and elsewhere.


Salt Bae’s Miami Steakhouse Feeds a Dictator, Then Feels the Heat

2 days ago

One of these men is a populism-fueled egomaniac running a thinly stretched empire. The other is the President of Venezuela.


Postmates Delivery Service Just Raised Another $300 Million

3 days ago

Nobody outside of major markets filled with too many thirty- and twentysomethings who still wish they lived with their parents have the disposable income to waste on Postmates. It is not a real threat to real restaurant and food delivery services.


Waiters and Bartenders Score Limited Wage Victory With Court Ruling

3 days ago

In a perfect world, we could hit a big button that would reset menu prices, staff wages, expectations, and more and solve problems like this. Of course, that button doesn't exist, so we'll need to muddle through these cases that force companies to treat tipped workers fairly.