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Independent Restaurants in New York City Fight to Add Surcharges to Checks

An extra charge could be popping up on checks around New York City. / OpenTable Facebook An extra charge could be popping up on checks around New York City. / OpenTable Facebook

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Chinese Restaurant Delivery and Review Giant Meituan Files for IPO

2 days ago

This mashup of Yelp, Grubhub, and Groupon doesn't quite have an equal in other markets and it's growth is a clear signal that Chinese consumers are far ahead of their global peers when it comes to mobile engagement around restaurants.


Chipotle’s New CEO Wants to Sell You Milkshakes and Quesadillas

3 days ago

Even if you don't like Taco Bell, you have to be impressed by its ability to target new food items and more times of the day in which to sell them. Niccol appears to be reverting to a successful playbook here.


How to Write a Money-Making Wine List

2 months ago

Sommeliers must think creatively and collaboratively about how a wine list will complement food and fill the restaurant's needs. The wines that are added to the list will reflect the restaurant beyond the plate.


Panera’s Parent Company Is Trying to Raise Nearly $6 Billion

3 days ago

The money raise asks the question: What's the next acquisition target? More restaurants or more beverage companies?


You Can Soon Spend $6 for a Robot-Made Burger That Cost Millions to Build

3 days ago

This is a very expensive experiment that would appear to attempt to solve a problem that doesn't exist in the industry.


Olive Garden Is Still Extremely Cautious on Delivery

3 days ago

Cautious isn't necessarily a bad approach, but delivery is a growing business for many competitors and it may be costing Olive Garden to be so slow to adopt.


Data Shows a Dramatic Spike in Online Reviews This Year

4 days ago

Online reviews are more important to restaurants now than ever. The trick for operators is figuring out how to handle those reviews with the same hospitality as a person-to-person interaction.


One Week Left for Skift Restaurants Forum Early Bird Pricing

4 days ago

The first Skift Restaurants forum will feature leaders and creative minds from across the industry, as well as you (we hope). Register now to save on tickets.


Washington, D.C. Voters Chose to Eliminate the Tipped Minimum Wage

5 days ago

Regardless of whether you support the legislation or not, this decision will deeply affect the state of D.C.'s restaurant industry.