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McDonald’s Mobile Ordering and New Tech Come With Increased Employee Turnover

A pickup counter for UberEats orders at a McDonald's in suburban Maryland. / Skift Table A pickup counter for UberEats orders at a McDonald's in suburban Maryland. / Skift Table

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Delivery Services’ Rural Expansion Plans Could Hurt Bottom Lines

15 hours ago

The next great competition in delivery is scale of coverage, but as these services angle for more delivery areas, they could take a hit on operational costs.


Secret High-End Ingredients Add Taste, for a Price

2 days ago

Luxe dishes equal more than truffles and caviar these days. While these ingredients might fatten the bill, they also add standout flavor to some highly regarded menus.


In the War on Carbs Noodles & Co. Is Winning Customers

2 days ago

Was it paleo concerns that were keeping people away or a too-fast expansion of a concept that wasn't so unique?


Chipotle Needs to Find a New Top Marketer

3 days ago

Even though the chain is under new leadership, the task of improving Chipotle's brand image is a tough one for any executive, no matter how seasoned.


You Can Now Order Denny’s Delivery Through Amazon’s Alexa

3 days ago

It truly is the future when you can say "Alexa, help me drown my sorrows in maple syrup" and your problems will be solved in 45-60 minutes.


Michelin Guide Goes to Taipei in Attempt to Expand Influence in Asia

3 days ago

Despite the push into Asia, Michelin still feels like it's low on gas and misreading the map these days.


Chef David Chang Is a Media Platform Now

5 days ago

While nobody here is doubting David Chang’s many talents, we reckon that the bar is very high (and the saturation point is nigh!) in the current food-media landscape, so Majordomo Media will have to work very hard to distinguish itself among the myriads of pre-existing brands that have a well-defined aesthetic, voice and versatility.


KFC Goes Back to Original Chicken Distributor after U.K. Logistics Failure

5 days ago

A logistics company with no food experience totally bungles an important food delivery. Restaurant goes back to its original, food-specific provider. U.K. KFC locations exemplifying the obvious.


Starbucks Is Using Digital Menus to Push Its Food Harder

1 week ago

If Starbucks wants to become a real restaurant player, it's going to need to start making meals on site. Fancy menus can't improve food quality.