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TripAdvisor Ranks the Top Restaurant Chains in the U.S.

4 hours ago

A ranking of top restaurant chains is nice, but what's even better? The accompanying marketing boost that TripAdvisor gets for its fast-growing business unit: restaurants and experiences.


Jack in the Box Really Wants Someone to Buy It

23 hours ago

Is every fast-food chain with franchisee problems open to selling? It sure seems like it. Unfortunately for Jack in the Box, the company isn't looking too attractive to potential buyers at the moment.


How Restaurateurs Are Tackling Staffing Issues

3 months ago

Staffing is a hot-button issue for chefs and restaurateurs across the country, with shortages hitting critical mass in larger markets like New York and San Francisco. If it’s not hiring for the core kitchen crew, it’s looking for flexible skilled staff to help fill immediate needs. For help on the fly, chefs like Andrew Corrigan are turning to Pared for help.


Activist Shareholder Wants Just Eat to Move Faster

1 day ago

While Just Eat does have significant challenges, it's not going to address them better just because a tiny, whiny investor points out the obvious.


Upscale Restaurant Groups Should Avoid the IPO

1 day ago

Though fast casual IPOs have had notable success, a Soho House IPO will likely not happen at all. Knowing this, Soho House should abandon its IPO ambitions, and instead reinvest in service and training — not just new clubs.


Japan’s Best Curry Chain Is Now in Europe

3 days ago

As Asian chains gain footholds in new markets we will see a new kind of competition that appeals to new diners is ways that home-grown favorites can't compete.


The Next Generation of Food Hall Design

4 days ago

The eateries once commonly found in shopping malls and transportation hubs have been redeveloped conceptually as standalone halls commited to providing culinary diversity and supporting local businesses. Familiar chains are nowhere to be found at this current generation of design savvy food halls.


Starbucks Will Greatly Expand Uber Eats Partnership in the U.S.

5 days ago

Starbucks is only concerned with delivery both in the U.S. and China. At the same time, the coffee chain is growing at an unprecedented rate. Time will tell if it's actually moving too fast.


Postmates Reveals Its New Restaurant Delivery Robots

5 days ago

Postmates doesn't pay its delivery people well at all, so its focus on human replacements is no surprise. Why any contractors eeking by put up with it is.