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Uber Eats Changes Its Delivery Fee Structure

Uber Eats is implementing service fees and small order fees. / Uber Eats Uber Eats is implementing service fees and small order fees. / Uber Eats

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Impossible Foods Lands Another Restaurant Chain Partner

1 min ago

Both Red Robin and Impossible Foods could use the favorable attention from this new partnership.


Are Expensive Pre-Mixed Cocktails the Next Big Thing?

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We've had enough poorly made drinks at otherwise quality bars to scoff at this idea.


Five Things Restaurateurs Should Know About Millennial Business Travelers

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With company money to spend, clients to entertain, and time to explore, the value of business travelers is often overlooked by restaurateurs. Due to their sheer size and spending power, millennial business travelers are an especially important audience that restaurateurs should get to know.


Shaquille O’Neal Called In to Assist Papa John’s Corporate Makeover

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Papa John's is going full court press on its turnaround. Delivery, check. New management, check. And now, star power, check.


New Postmates Algorithm Saves You Money on Delivery

4 days ago

The new development differentiates Postmates among its stiff competition — not a bad look for a company that just filed for an IPO.


Olive Garden Sales Buoyed by Off-Premise Business and Higher Average Tickets

4 days ago

It's hard for us to understand why analysts keep saying casual dining is dead. Applebee's, Chili's, Outback Steakhouse, and now Olive Garden have all reported strong quarterly sales.


Uber Rival Jumps Into European Food Delivery Business

4 days ago

As Uber Eats hits trouble in key international markets, others are seizing the opportunity.


Most Popular Delivery App in Saudi Arabia Lets Users Bargain With Couriers

4 days ago

There's a reason why Mrsool is beating Uber Eats by a mile in this market: It specifically tailored the delivery process to resonate with Saudi customers.


Points-Based Loyalty Is What Diners Want

4 days ago

No need to reinvent the wheel here. Simple, straightforward, points-based loyalty programs are what customers are demanding.