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Inside One Initiative to Improve Kitchen Workers’ Health and Well-Being

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DoorDash Poaches New CFO From Uber

10 hours ago

DoorDash CEO Tony Xu scooped up Uber's global head of finance in part because of his experience helping prepare Uber for its incoming IPO. Watch out, Grubhub.


Chipotle’s New In-App Delivery Means Less Clicks to Get Your Fix

10 hours ago

The move makes sense from all angles: Chipotle drives up digital sales, DoorDash builds on its white label service, and customers benefit from a more seamless ordering process.


Learn to Capitalize on the Powerful Economics of ‘Local’

3 months ago

The value of local ingredients, businesses, and producers goes way beyond creating a better tasting meal. The annual Terroir Symposium will bring together leaders in hospitality and tourism to help both explore and strengthen this aspect of the industry.


U.K. Casual-Dining Continues Crumble With Gaucho Collapse

15 hours ago

Casual-dining chains often end up in the position of overpaying for real estate in order to be where the people are right now, as opposed to building up a clientele like a neighborhood joint would. They also have to deal with more complicated financial deals that make it difficult to weather shifts in consumer tastes.


Papa John’s-Wendy’s Merger Talks Derailed by Ex-Chairman’s Gaffe

1 day ago

Here's an interesting twist. Also, one has to wonder if any established, respected brand would consider doing business with Papa John's at the moment.


Delivery Will Hit Restaurants Like Amazon Hit Retail

2 days ago

Smart restaurants will figure out the best way to price food for delivery, find the right partner (or handle it themselves), make a conscious decision to focus on the in-restaurant experience. Whatever they choose, they can't sit around and wait.


What Kind of Work Can a Tipped Worker Work?

2 days ago

If the tip credit didn't exist, we wouldn't be having this conversation.


McDonald’s Fails to Win Approval of Labor Deal in Fair-Wage Fight

2 days ago

The speed with which the NLRB and McDonald's moved to seal this deal was criticized at the time and it's coming back to bit the chain.


JAB Is Targeting Italy’s Illy as Its Next Coffee Conquest

2 days ago

JAB's rapidly growing coffee empire is still in fragments, but Nestle's Starbucks-connected moves may be giving it a challenge it would prefer not to have.