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Taco Bell Is Making Its Food Spicy in Thailand to Suit Local Tastes

8 hours ago

Note to Taco Bell: We'd love it if your food had flavor in the U.S., too.


Starbucks Expands Uber Eats Delivery to Major U.S. Cities and London

9 hours ago

Starbucks and Uber Eats are moving fast in the delivery space compared to rivals including Dunkin.


Catalonia Case Study: How the Food Economy Drives Sustainable Tourism Development

5 months ago

When destinations go viral, tensions between locals and visitors can run high. Promoting local food systems can up the ante for residents by maximizing the economic impact of tourism dollars. Building a deeper narrative around local food and culture can also create more fulfilling experiences for the right kind of tourist.


Proposed Paper Receipt Ban Misses Larger Issue

1 day ago

Now that plastic bags and straws are out of the way, a San Francisco lawmaker has introduced legislation to ban paper receipts. Sustainable restaurant operations are important, but are these bans the best use of the industry's resources when it comes to downsizing environmental impact?


Restaurant Megatrends 2019: Restaurants Finally Create Healthier Work Cultures

1 day ago

After a rough 2018, the restaurant industry has made some progress toward better employee treatment across the board.


Coupons Still Matter for Quick-Service Restaurants and Price-Conscious Consumers

1 day ago

The reason that a person chooses McDonald's over Wendy's more often than not comes down to the money. Wherever that dollar can travel further, that's where the customer will go.


Just Eat’s CEO Out Amid Stronger Competition From Rivals

2 days ago

The pressure from investors begging for speedier decision-making on underperforming assets finally got to Just Eat. Is Yelp next, given its troubles?


Pork ‘Wings’ Are the Hot New Restaurant Menu Item

2 days ago

Cheap meat is good-ish news for consumers but bad news for farmers and other food producers. And it won't last.


Study Finds Food Recalls Are Up Significantly Since 2013

4 days ago

Researchers aren’t sure if the rise in recalls is due to a more contaminated food supply or because new technology makes it easier to catch bacteria in products. Either way, we are screwed.