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Waitr Acquires Bite Squad for $321 Million

3 hours ago

The acquisition will double the size of Waitr's business overnight. In the company's quest to become the top delivery service in the country, this deal certainly helps its case.


Restaurant Chains Benefit From Trump’s Trade War While Farmers Suffer

4 hours ago

Too much meat is good news for chains selling stuff for cheap, but it's terrible long-term news for the people producing the food and could impact their ability to produce it in the future.


Free Report: Restaurateurs Look to Stop Online Fraud Before It Starts

3 months ago

With fraudsters targeting the food and beverage industry in new and creative ways, companies must take every precaution to protect themselves and their customers. Many are turning to Forter for identity-based fraud prevention that protects e-commerce merchants during every stage of the customer lifecycle.


Single People Are Driving an Increase in Restaurant Meals Eaten at Home

5 hours ago

Consumer demand for off-premise dining options has never been higher, and it's fundamentally changing how restaurants operate.


How 27 Restaurant iPhone Apps Manage Location Data

6 hours ago

Sure, go for that Whopper for only a penny ... and all your location data for the foreseeable future.


What Restaurant Apps Are Tracking on Android Smartphones

6 hours ago

Fast-food chains collect more data on customers' smartphones than most consumers even realize.


McDonald’s New Antibiotics Policy Has the Power to Change the Beef Industry

1 day ago

If you want to make change at scale, you need either a massive consumer shift or a massive change of policy by a giant in the industry. The latter is what we have here, and it should be good news for everyone.


How to Find the Next Great Restaurant Neighborhood

1 day ago

Pioneering a neighborhood with no other restaurants and little foot traffic takes a lot strategy, perseverance and a lot of luck. Steve and Dina Samson share their tips on making a new development in an uncharted area work for them in Los Angeles.


Large Yelp Shareholder Pushes for a Board Shakeup

2 days ago

The investors demanding change aren't wrong: Yelp has lost momentum and market share in recent quarters to competitors like Google and Facebook, and it needs a refresh.