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Shake Shack’s CEO on His Vision for Shake Shack’s New Test Kitchen

The new test kitchen is finally up and running. / Shake Shack The new test kitchen is finally up and running. / Shake Shack

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Postmates Delivery Service Just Raised Another $300 Million

9 hours ago

Nobody outside of major markets filled with too many thirty- and twentysomethings who still wish they lived with their parents have the disposable income to waste on Postmates. It is not a real threat to real restaurant and food delivery services.


Waiters and Bartenders Score Limited Wage Victory With Court Ruling

10 hours ago

In a perfect world, we could hit a big button that would reset menu prices, staff wages, expectations, and more and solve problems like this. Of cours, that button doesn't exist, so we'll need to muddle through these cases that force bit companies to treat tipped workers fairly.


Free Report: Restaurateurs Look to Stop Online Fraud Before It Starts

2 days ago

With fraudsters targeting the food and beverage industry in new and creative ways, companies must take every precaution to protect themselves and their customers. Many are turning to Forter for identity-based fraud prevention that protects e-commerce merchants during every stage of the customer lifecycle.


Skift Restaurants Forum Preview: Angela Dimayuga Wants to Change How We Interact With Hotels

1 day ago

There’s always been a unique relationship between hotels and restaurants — and the chefs who run them. With her role at the Standard, Dimayuga wants to take the relationship and elevate it even further, making it clear that hotels really can be the true community centers they were always meant to be.


Skift Restaurants Forum Preview: What Collaboration Means Now

2 days ago

Plenty of restaurants, technology companies, designers, and other industry professionals are working to solve the smaller problems industry wide. By enacting new forward-thinking policies, procedures, and ideas, the future is visible, and it's positive.


Skift Restaurants Forum Preview: Russ & Daughters Isn’t Going Anywhere

2 days ago

In an industry where surviving for five years is cause for celebration, 104-year-old institution Russ & Daughters is legendary for its staying power. It takes a powerful mix of delicious food, loyal customers, and the right leadership to get to this point.


Skift Restaurants Forum Networking Mobile App Now Available

2 days ago

Skift Restaurants Forum will gather 300+ attendees in New York. Using the brand new mobile app, you can begin messaging and scheduling meetings with all attendees. If you haven't yet, register today for access!


Indonesia’s Most Valuable Startup Raises Billions to Grow Food Delivery, Other Businesses

2 days ago

The big lesson from Go-Jek and Meituan in Asia is one that should make Uber in the U.S. feel better. Their full suite of smartphone-enabled services have demonstrated that restaurant reservations, reviews, and delivery may work better in unison with other services rather than just on their own.


A&W Says It Has Sold Out of Faux Burgers in Canada

4 days ago

Would love to see the numbers behind the sales success, but alongside White Castle's Impossible Burger news this week it seems clear that the new generation of meat substitutes at fast food restaurants has more than a little wind beneath its wings.