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100,000 Instagram Followers Gets You Free Sushi in Milan

7 hours ago

On one hand, this is ridiculous and we'd never want to eat here. On the other, it saves them all the trouble of saying "no" to most of the many, many faux influencers preying on restaurants for freebies.


Uber Eats Is Worth as Much as $20 Billion in Proposed Valuation

19 hours ago

Uber sees value in multiple business lines that take advantage of its technology, insights, and brand. But Uber Eats is a big business on its own by any measurement.


How Restaurateurs Are Tackling Staffing Issues

4 weeks ago

Staffing is a hot-button issue for chefs and restaurateurs across the country, with shortages hitting critical mass in larger markets like New York and San Francisco. If it’s not hiring for the core kitchen crew, it’s looking for flexible skilled staff to help fill immediate needs. For help on the fly, chefs like Andrew Corrigan are turning to Pared for help.


China’s Restaurant Delivery Boom Is Not Sustainable

20 hours ago

As in the U.S., Chinese delivery services depend on two things that aren't sustainable: outside money and a labor pool that's too tenuous to be stable.


Plant-Based Menus Can Help Slow Global Climate Change

2 days ago

From innovative meat substitutes to veg-centric chains, consumers in markets that eat the most meat have never had so many non-meat options to choose from.


Restaurants Drag Down U.S. Consumer Spending Numbers in September

2 days ago

Restaurants fall behind retail as consumers decide to spend more on the latter and less on eating out last month.


Wendy’s Marketing Formula: ‘Know Your Brand Better Than Anyone Else’

2 days ago

The best way to copy Wendy's marketing success: don't. Find your own brand voice, sharpen it up, and be willing to get controversial.


Interview: Better Restaurant Design Through Better Collaboration

5 days ago

Having a design team that really understands the business of restaurants, in addition to having a keen eye, is key to any successful partnership.


Subway Jumps Into Delivery at 9,000 U.S. Locations

5 days ago

Will delivery "save" Subway? No. But since delivery is becoming a mission critical part of a restaurant's operational strategy, the chain is smart to roll it out in a big way.