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Large Yelp Shareholder Pushes for a Board Shakeup

19 hours ago

The investors demanding change aren't wrong: Yelp has lost momentum and market share in recent quarters to competitors like Google and Facebook, and it needs a refresh.


U.S. Restaurants and Bars Added Over 20,000 Jobs in November

4 days ago

While hiring slowed within the larger leisure and hospitality category in the past month, restaurants and bars were an outlier. In that area, operators can't find staff fast enough.


How Restaurateurs Are Tackling Staffing Issues

3 months ago

Staffing is a hot-button issue for chefs and restaurateurs across the country, with shortages hitting critical mass in larger markets like New York and San Francisco. If it’s not hiring for the core kitchen crew, it’s looking for flexible skilled staff to help fill immediate needs. For help on the fly, chefs like Andrew Corrigan are turning to Pared for help.


Goldbelly Buys Its Long-Distance Restaurant Delivery Competitor FoodyDirect

4 days ago

Goldbelly is now the dominant player in its space, but it's still to be seen how big that space is and what the appetite is for long-distance ordering.


Payment Apps Help Starbucks and Others Avoid Credit Card Swipe Fees

5 days ago

More loyalty, more customer spending data, and lower fees — what's not for a restaurant to love about apps that facilitate payments?


How Reduced Hours Refined a Restaurant’s Reach

5 days ago

Work-life-balance doesn't have to be a foreign phrase in restaurants, but making the work part profitable enough to allow for life and balance is a challenge unless you find the right formula.


Yum Brands’ Franchisees Don’t Pay Delivery Fees, Thanks to Grubhub Partnership

5 days ago

Yum Brands' size and scale allows it to negotiate much better deals on delivery partnerships, as executives outlined during the company's annual investor day. No wonder Taco Bell and KFC franchise owners are so excited to participate in the Grubhub integration.


Amazon Restaurants Still Lags Far Behind U.S. Delivery Rivals

6 days ago

The tech giant's restaurant business arm hasn't grown very much, perhaps by design, but an acquisition or two can change that.


Pizza Hut Says Its Tech Innovations Haven’t Worked Yet

6 days ago

On one hand, the company has made great strides in upping its digital prowess. But on the other, many of its outdated U.S. outposts do not scream modern technology.