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Resy Announces International Expansion and New Tech Updates for Restaurants

Resy's tech updates will be rolling out over the next several months. / Resy Resy's tech updates will be rolling out over the next several months. / Resy

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Starbucks’ Misstep Leaves Room for McDonald’s to Step In

12 hours ago

As Starbucks' CEO scrambles to do damage control, McDonald's could capitalize on the moment by promoting itself as a more welcoming meeting place.


Kraft Heinz Takes David Chang’s Ssam Sauce From the Restaurant to the Grocery Aisle

16 hours ago

David Chang helped put a pork bun on every plate at both his restaurants and the thousands of copycats that followed. It makes sense, then, that his take on a Korean staple is now making a leap to mass audiences as well.


Starbucks Will Close Stores for an Afternoon for Bias Training

2 days ago

Starbucks has certainly acted quickly to diffuse what could have become a major problem for the brand and its employees. Here's hoping it moves the needle in a positive direction.


Grubhub Rolls Out Venmo Payment Integration

2 days ago

Don't want to store your credit card info directly on Grubhub? Don't have a PayPal account? The company's got an answer for that.


Domino’s Will Now Deliver Without an Address

3 days ago

Domino's will clearly do whatever it takes to get customers their pizza no matter where they are, and a tech-fueled nationwide marketing campaign — just in time for warm weather — is good business.


Bertucci’s Pizza Is Planning to File for Bankruptcy

5 days ago

Outside of delivery, pizza-centric chains across the country have challenges both distinguishing themselves from other casual restaurants with broader menus and similarly priced independent favorites with better food.


Punchh Gets $20 Million Investment to Boost Its Loyalty Efforts

6 days ago

Tech-based tools that help restaurants find and attract new customers are getting more sophisticated, helping businesses target increasingly segmented groups of people for maximum impact.


The Surprisingly Powerful Antidote to Rainbow Food Instagram

7 days ago

Charring a leek isn't exactly groundbreaking, but, in general, these food trends that bubble up can offer up ways to save money (more inventive ways to use a kitchen's ingredients) and play with new flavors. And as diners grow more adventurous, so will the menus.


The Farmer-Funded Campaigns That Put Mushrooms in Your Sonic Hamburger

1 week ago

Working with chains gives the groups the fastest connection with consumers and validation (or not) of a new twist on an existing staple.