2.17.2016: Bon Appetit’s iPhone Issue / JBFA Semifinalists


Bon Appetit’s March Features Shot Using iPhones

In a move that makes a subtle yet completely of-the-moment statement, Bon Appetit required photographers to shoot its March features using iPhones. (Though I may revise my use of the word “subtle” here, given I have seen this story in five different places today, with four pages of Google search results, good job PR team.) In a blog post, BA quotes the professional photographers who were told to ditch their equipment and use their phones instead. “I thought it was a joke at first,” one says. Wired has a nice and short piece on the decision — apparently the idea did start as a joke, but then morphed into something larger. 

Sort-of surprisingly, given all the hype about this, Bon Appetit is not the first magazine to give food the iPhone treatment — Time Out New York shot its food issue using Instagram on an iPhone.. in 2014. 


Order Food, Alcohol, and Groceries from Foursquare

A new partnership between Foursquare and Delivery.com now allows Foursquare users to order food or drinks from its app (well, sort of.) The whole thing is pretty simple, actually; use Foursquare to find a restaurant (or other food-producing location) and see whether or not said location offers delivery via delivery.com. If they do, you can order — though you are redirected to the delivery.com app for that part. Still, I’m liking the one-stop-shop for food discovery and then actually receiving food.


JBF Awards Semifinalists Announced Today

I might be a tiny bit biased, but I think that Twitter just shines around live events big, small, but especially niche. Today, the James Beard Foundation announced its 2016 chef and restaurant semifinalists via a posting on its website; then instead of spitting the nominees out repeatedly on Twitter, @beardfoundation spent the day retweeting chefs and restaurateurs and media outlets who covered the nominees. A small thing, but seems such a lovely way to provide context and show community around the semifinalists without hogging the microphone.

Finalists will be announced live at an event in San Francisco, and also on Twitter, on March 15.


The Popularity of the Rainbow Bagel Shuts Down its Store

Chances are you managed to catch that wild video depicting how one bagel place in Williamsburg, Brooklyn makes its rainbow bagels. (If you haven’t watched it, it’s amazing.) Now, the bagel place has shuttered indefinitely for renovations to keep up with the massive demand, including lines around the block.

Thanks, internet. Rainbow Bagel, go ahead and take your place next to Cronut.


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