2.4.2014: gMaps / Food .gifs

Slow news week — winter slump?


I <3 Google Maps for Restaurants

The new Google Maps has plenty of perks for restaurants, and it just keeps getting better. Seriously, have you tried this? My latest favorite discovery: search for a restaurant name on Google Maps, and as the location pinpoints, the map also displays a quick, concise description of the place. For example, my day yesterday traveling in New York. First, Ippudo, “Japanese restaurant known for noodles.” (They were delicious. Highly recommend.) Then, Tom & Jerry’s, “Casual neighborhood bar with happy hour.” Booker and Dax with “experimental cocktails” (so cool), and Momofuku Ssam Bar, a “bustling Asian-accented American eatery.” (Grab some friends and make a reservation for the duck; you’re welcome.)

Technically, this is remarkable because of the layers of information attached to maps and locations. (I don’t use an Android device, but I’m guessing this looks pretty awesome on Android.) Attaching useful editorial and descriptive info to places is a smart way to organize all this sort of information — and a spectacular way to navigate a city’s varied restaurants. Looking forward to watching how this continues to evolve.

illustration by April V. Walters


The Best Bon Appetit Food Gifs

Who doesn’t appreciate a good gif? (That’s pronounced “jif,” like the peanut butter, if you haven’t heard.) In a sweet homage to one of its departing web developers, Bon Appetit pulled together a fun slideshow of fantastic and funny food gifs he created. There’s a chicken spinning around in a microwave, a mashup of all the different names we call that long sandwich on a roll, and my personal favorite, an orca breaching in a cup of coffee. (The associated articles aren’t bad, either.) Nothing ground-breaking here, but a fun piece worth some attention. More gifs, please!



An Illustrated Guide to Cooking Oils and Fats

Useful and quite pleasant to look at: an illustrated guide to different cooking oils and fats. The graphic includes 20 different options, from the popular (corn, olive) to the slightly more obscure (linseed, anyone?). What it conveys is just as important as how good it looks; the graphic depicts the smoking point, flavor, potential interactions with other ingredients, and nutritional value (plus, it recommends which are best for baking, dipping, salad dressing, and frying. Surprisingly, there’s a lot to think about re: cooking oils, and this is a lovely way to break it down while not messing up that dinner you’ve spent hours preparing. Good stuff. (Via Lifehacker)



Lucky Peach Announces New Issue on Tumblr

Amazing, game-changing food magazine Lucky Peach’s Tumblr has always been a thing of beauty, sharing the best videos, the best info, and just all-around rad information, and today it’s host to the announcement (and cover) of Lucky Peach’s tenth issue, featuring street food from around the world. The issue hits stands onFebruary 25 and includes jaunts to Mexico City, Buenos Aires, all over Los Angeles, and more. The magazine itself is a serious thing of beauty; supplementing, promoting and extending its brand via a digital presence on Tumblr makes it even better.



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