Why Resy Integration Is Just the Beginning for Airbnb and Restaurants

When Airbnb announced it led a $13 million Series A investment in New York City-based dining reservations platform Resy in January, it was readily assumed that we’d see some sort of synergy between the two companies — aside from the fact that Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky’s sister, Allison Chesky, also happens to be the managing editor of Resy.

And on Wednesday, we did, when Airbnb announced an expansion of an earlier pilot program it ran in May, allowing Airbnb app users to book restaurant reservations, powered by Resy.

There are many reasons why this integration of Resy into the Airbnb platform makes sense. This is especially the case when you consider Airbnb’s pursuit of becoming a “super brand of travel” and owning more of the overall traveler journey or experience, whether by adding tours and activities (Airbnb Trips) or even launching something related to flights, as Chesky has previously mentioned.

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