Chef José Andrés and team prepare paella in Puerto Rico. / <a href=''>World Central Kitchen Facebook</a> Chef José Andrés and team prepare paella in Puerto Rico. / <a href=''>World Central Kitchen Facebook</a>

José Andrés Steps Up (Again) for Hurricane Relief

Chef José Andrés has never shied away from political activism, and the immigrant chef has stepped up his activism and humanitarianism in the wake of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico. The first sentence of this Washington Post piece sums up the situation as he and a team from World Central Kitchen have arrived in the American territory to feed those in need:

“Unlike the president, Homeland Security or the Federal Emergency Management Agency, José Andrés has no responsibility to respond to natural disasters, and yet the Washington celebrity chef has become a reliable presence in disaster zones, deploying his Chef Network to help feed thousands of displaced people.”

José Andrés and team serve paella in Puerto Rico. Credit: World Central Kitchen Facebook

Logistically, few are better equipped than seasoned chefs used to thinking on their feet and adapting to change. (Though one could argue that there are maybe a few federal agencies that should be able to make it happen here…)

Moves like this also embody the heart of hospitality. It’s easy to talk about feeding people and conviviality when there’s a line out the door at your restaurant and reservations are pouring in, but it’s another thing entirely to bring good food to people who literally need it more than anything. The industry shines in good times, but it’s the trying times that spotlight the true character, caring nature, and basic need that chefs and restaurants fulfill: doing their best to feed hungry people in any situation imaginable.

Andres’ team’s efforts via @ChefJoseAndres@WCKitchen, and #ChefsForPuertoRico. You can also donate to World Central Kitchen here.

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