The Megatrends Defining Restaurants in 2019

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We’ve just released our annual industry trends forecast, Skift Restaurant Megatrends 2019. You can read about each of the trends on Skift Table as well as download a copy of our magazine here.

Skift Table moves into its second year of identifying the trends that are shaping the restaurant industry with a renewed focus on the big brands, big tech changes, and big ideas that are having the greatest impact on the business of dining out. These ideas are informed by the last year of original reporting at Skift Table, as well as by themes that emerged during this year’s inaugural Skift Restaurants Forum.

The ideas that we’ll explore over the next two weeks touch on relationships between franchisees and brands, consumers and tech, hospitality and expectations, and labor and design. They represent high-level trends and examples of innovation across the business of dining out, and are the ideas we’ll follow closely in the coming year.

These are the 10 Megatrends we will define over the next two weeks:

Download Your Copy of Skift Megatrends 2019


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