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McDonald’s Spent $48 Million to Push Bacon in February

1 week ago

It's that time of year — sports continue to reign supreme as chain restaurants' preferred destination for airing TV spots, with some exceptions.


New on the Menu: Forget Turkey, It’s McRib Time of Year (Again)

5 months ago

We've purposefully stayed away with the season of pumpkin spice items in order to focus on what matters: turkey-themed offerings and the ubiquitous/elusive McRib.


New on the Menu: Duck Season at Arby’s

5 months ago

Seasonal menu items done right spark interest and make it fun for diners used to a standard menu. But there's a wrong and a right way to do it.


Wendy’s Sells Stake in Arby’s Parent Company for $450 Million

7 months ago

It was the last remaining stake that Wendy's had in Arby's, which it formerly owned. The influx of cash (about $335 million after taxes) will go towards stock buybacks and investing in undefined general company growth.


Some Fast Food Chains Drop Non-Compete Rules for Low-Wage Workers

9 months ago

Great win by the Attorney General. We look forward to seeing the remaining chains drop the rules, too.


Arby’s Isn’t Sure if U.S. Diners Are Ready for Lamb

10 months ago

Curiously, Arby's website says its "Traditional Greek Gyro" is made with "gyro meat," which we think says a bit about how ready it thinks the mass market is ready for lamb.


Arby’s Owner to Buy Buffalo Wild Wings for $2.4 Billion

1 year ago

Sure we're over-restauranted among the chains, but Roark clearly sees an opportunity when well-liked chains see a significant market dip.


Greasy, Fatty, Salty Fast Food for “Dudes”

2 years ago