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Denny’s Off-Premise Business Continues to Fuel Growth

3 weeks ago

The diner is the latest chain this earnings season to talk up the importance of delivery for their business, as it gradually sells company-owned stores to franchisees.


This Casual Dining Chain’s Growth Strategy Isn’t Tied to Loyalty or Delivery

4 weeks ago

Snooze may not have to extend its store hours beyond the early afternoon to reach new sales heights, but the company knows technology is integral to its growth. So too is a larger footprint.


Denny’s Wins Big With Millennials

2 months ago

I do not know a single millennial that does not appreciate the homey feeling of eating at a diner. This comes as no surprise to me.


Denny’s Growth Is Tied to Modernizing its Stores

3 months ago

There is a lot of truth to the notion that franchisees can run stores better than companies. Denny's, similar to its market competitors, is now banking on this strategy for future growth.


5 Big Takeaways From Restaurant Earnings Season

6 months ago

Brands are being pulled in all directions but there are consistent messages coming out of earnings season, both in terms of shortcomings and triumphs.


Denny’s Growth Isn’t Happening In Its Dining Rooms

7 months ago

Yet another food chain is proving that delivery and takeout is a trend restaurants would be foolish to ignore.


You Can Now Order Denny’s Delivery Through Amazon’s Alexa

1 year ago

It truly is the future when you can say "Alexa, help me drown my sorrows in maple syrup" and your problems will be solved in 45-60 minutes.


Denny’s Is Just Fine With the Way Its New Sausage Mascot Looks

2 years ago

It's more disturbing that to truly enjoy Denny's Grand Slam mascots you must symbolically murder them with every order. That's the trouble with anthropomorphizing menu items.