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How Effective Are Calorie Counts on Restaurant Menus?

5 months ago

Menu design makes all the difference when analyzing whether or not calorie counts affect purchasing decisions.


Designing a Restaurant for Diner Interaction

7 months ago

Memorable design can invite diners to linger over a great restaurant experience just as much as a stunning plate of food. At Bastion in Nashville, Tenn., the building's unique physical dimensions help to facilitate as many personal interactions between staff and diners as possible.


Taco Bell’s Strategy to Win in Urban Markets Involves Delivery, Kiosks and Alcohol

8 months ago

Taco Bell may be one of the largest quick-service restaurant chains in America, but it sees a ton of growth opportunities still to be had in highly populated urban areas. The Cantina concept is its key to success in those uniquely difficult markets.


How Shake Shack and Milk Bar Localize Their Booming Chains

9 months ago

As companies like Shake Shack and Milk Bar continue to expand into new markets, localizing the menu and design draw fans for unique, city-specific experiences.


Denny’s Growth Isn’t Happening In Its Dining Rooms

10 months ago

Yet another food chain is proving that delivery and takeout is a trend restaurants would be foolish to ignore.


The L.A. Restaurant and Bar Group Building Its Future on the Past

11 months ago

It takes time, money and a lot of patience to renovate and restore a historic bar or restaurant. The Los Angeles-based 1933 Group has learned how to jump hurdles and forge new roads in keeping “old Hollywood” alive.


5 Ways to Improve Your Restaurant Website Updates

1 year ago

When and how you’re making updates matters, but if your restaurant website isn’t mobile-friendly you risk over 50 percent of your guests not seeing them.


Interview: Chef Chris Scott and Eugenie Woo on Managing a Growing Business

1 year ago

Your restaurant’s website should make you just as proud as your restaurant. No matter how big or small your business, your website is often the first thing guests see.


Inside Wendy’s Forward-Looking Design Strategy

1 year ago

Wendy's has got a lot of great ideas about how restaurant design can display the company's values. Will everybody make the connection between the new communal sinks and Wendy's fresh-never-frozen motto? Probably not, but it's a nice touch to have access to a sink without having to walk into the bathroom.


New York Restaurant Design No Longer Forcing Diners to Use Flashlights

2 years ago

Dark and dramatic lighting can be moody... and annoying. We're glad the days of our dining companions pulling out phones as flashlights are numbered. (Looking at you, dad.)