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McDonald’s Is Starting a New Fast Food Price War With Its Revamped Dollar Menu

6 days ago

In a race to the bottom the winner's prize is just that, the bottom. If they need any insight into this, just have them call the airlines.


Fast Food Chains Are Exporting Obesity and Diabetes as They Expand Abroad

4 weeks ago

New international markets are providing huge growth opportunities for American fast food chains. As these companies change the fundamentals of the food landscapes abroad, they have a responsibility to those they feed — and they should act as such.


There Are Too Many Restaurants in the U.S. Now What?

1 month ago

Corporate competition and diner retention strategies are important for big business, but don't forget the volume of restaurants in the U.S. directly affects the people that run and work in restaurants.


Pakistan Is Having a Fast Food Moment as More Women Take Jobs and Incomes Swell

2 months ago

As the U.S. market hits a saturation point, opportunities for growth outside the U.S. abound and offer excellent opportunities to rethink global food businesses.


Panera CEO’s Challenge to Fast Food Rivals: Eat Your Own Food

3 months ago

Nothing like a little trash talk in the name of healthier children. On a personal note we'd also like to see Panera drop artificial sweeteners from its salad dressings. We're already eating salad, a bit of real sugar isn't a big sin.


Lunch, Dinner, Suburbia, Fast Casual — Restaurants Are Changing

6 months ago



Taco Bell Adds Hundreds of Restaurants in China, Brazil and More in New International Push

7 months ago

There's a dearth of decent Mexican food outside of Mexico and the U.S. Taco Bell's planned international expansion will not change that.


Greasy, Fatty, Salty Fast Food for “Dudes”

8 months ago


A Burger King TV Commercial Purposely Triggers Google Home Devices

8 months ago