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Marriott Needs to Revamp Its Dining Strategy — and Knows It

11 months ago

So does everyone else in the hotel business these days. Hotel companies like Marriott certainly have the scale and financial backing to improve hotel dining, but do they have the passion or creativity to mimic the independent restaurants they're trying to imitate? And will diners be able to taste the difference?


Intelligentsia Coffee Expands New York Presence With Another Hotel Outpost

1 year ago

Today’s new luxury hotels are on the hunt to fill their F&B spaces with trendsetting partners. That’s why the owner of the soon-to-be TWA Hotel at JFK is looking to the Midwest to satisfy its caffeine craving.


Restaurant Megatrends 2019: Front of the House Hospitality Seriously Ups Its Game

1 year ago

After years of spotlighting the kitchen, front of house is rightfully getting its moment in the spotlight.


Yelp’s New Nowait Kiosks Take Aim at the Host Stand

1 year ago

Call us traditional — because we are on some matters — but we'd rather be greeted and check in with a human. Then we're happy letting the computer program run its course.


Seat Me, Please? Why Restaurants Won’t Seat You Without a Complete Party

2 years ago

Restaurants: I promise I will order lots of food and drinks if you just let me sit down at my table even if the rest of my party isn't here. Also, I will come back and eat again.


[Now On Demand] Skift Table Webinar: Enlightened Hospitality Is the New Normal

2 years ago

Setting the Table was first published in 2006, but the enlightened hospitality framework has spurred a movement that has taken on a life of it's own over the past 12 years. It has set the bar for how employers treat and interact with their employees. Register for the FREE On Demand Webinar Today!