This Casual Dining Chain’s Growth Strategy Isn’t Tied to Loyalty or Delivery

1 month ago

Snooze may not have to extend its store hours beyond the early afternoon to reach new sales heights, but the company knows technology is integral to its growth. So too is a larger footprint.


Applebee’s and IHOP Plot an Inspired Tech Turnaround by 2022

2 months ago

Dine Brands' CEO Stephen Joyce remains quiet on how exactly Applebee's and IHOP will improve their technology further, but the activity assures me the company is not resting on its laurels.


IHOP Will Open in Pakistan This Year

2 months ago

With IHOP's problems in the U.S. all but resolved, the chain has full license to seek added revenue overseas.


IHOP’s Burger Stunt Led to Its Best Sales Year Since 2015

3 months ago

Increased foot traffic and off-premise sales were other factors behind the brand's resurgence last year. But hats off to IHOP's marketing team.


Dine Brands Global’s Chains, Explained

4 months ago

Consider this a cheat sheet for all things happening at Dine Brands.


Applebee’s and IHOP Prove Marketing Gimmicks Can Boost Sales

6 months ago

We're not saying there is anything wrong with Dollar Jollys or Grinch Pancakes, we're only claiming we don't understand why you can't focus on selling menu items based on taste or quality.


Applebee’s and IHOP Are Latest Chains to See Big Potential in Delivery

7 months ago

While earnings for Dine Brands' companies tell two different stories, returns from off-premise sales for both are too big to ignore.


Applebee’s Owner Is Still Looking for the Right Acquisition

8 months ago

Dine Brands has something specific in mind, but should probably act fast to capitalize on Applebee's recent success — keep the momentum going.


IHOP’s Burger Push Backed By Cheaper Beef

12 months ago

The temporary name change has brought some interest to the brand. Let's see if IHOP can turn around its series of unfortunate quarters with this all-beef attempt to bring people in beyond breakfast.


For U.S. Restaurants, Expansion Abroad Means Adapt and Adjust

1 year ago

Expanding abroad is a big step for any restaurant, but they have to to tweak details from portion sizes to design in order to satisfy local customers.