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Veggie Grill’s CEO on the Explosion of the Plant-Based Protein Market

7 months ago

As plant-based protein takes on a more welcomed status in the mainstream American diet, vegan chains like Veggie Grill are uniquely positioned to capitalize on diners willing to pay more for less meat.


Innovative Restaurateurs: Sam Fox Aims to Double the Size of His Empire by 2022

9 months ago

Sam Fox has always been a big deal out west. Now, he’s ready to replicate that success in new markets across the country.


Interview: Michelin’s Old Boss Has New Culinary Goals at Jumeirah

9 months ago

What happens when a culinary tastemaker is handed the reins of a young culinary empire with deep pockets? We're about to find out.


Chef Edouardo Jordan on Life After the Awards

11 months ago

Fresh off a year of two James Beard Awards and accolades from local and national press, Seattle’s Edouardo Jordan settles in to what happens next: More customers, new expectations and building a future.


Interview: Chef Joe West of Kansas City’s Reborn Savoy

1 year ago

Stepping into the new Savoy at 21c in Kansas City doesn't feel like going back in time at first, but its menu and storied history quickly evoke a classic age of American dining.


The Not-So-Quiet Power of a Good Restaurant Website

2 years ago

It's easy to overlook the importance of a well-designed and useful website in an age of social media hype, but a restaurant's website is the one true place the business has total control of the message.


Resy’s CEO Talks the State and Future of In-Restaurant Technology

2 years ago

No longer just a reservations startup, Resy has emerged as a thoughtful leader in restaurant tech. Expect a lot more as they continue to work with top-tier partners like Union Square Cafe to develop hospitality technology that quietly powers guest experiences.