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Veggie Grill’s CEO on the Explosion of the Plant-Based Protein Market

3 months ago

As plant-based protein takes on a more welcomed status in the mainstream American diet, vegan chains like Veggie Grill are uniquely positioned to capitalize on diners willing to pay more for less meat.


Innovative Restaurateurs: Sam Fox Aims to Double the Size of His Empire by 2022

4 months ago

Sam Fox has always been a big deal out west. Now, he’s ready to replicate that success in new markets across the country.


Interview: Michelin’s Old Boss Has New Culinary Goals at Jumeirah

4 months ago

What happens when a culinary tastemaker is handed the reins of a young culinary empire with deep pockets? We're about to find out.


Chef Edouardo Jordan on Life After the Awards

6 months ago

Fresh off a year of two James Beard Awards and accolades from local and national press, Seattle’s Edouardo Jordan settles in to what happens next: More customers, new expectations and building a future.


Interview: Chef Joe West of Kansas City’s Reborn Savoy

10 months ago

Stepping into the new Savoy at 21c in Kansas City doesn't feel like going back in time at first, but its menu and storied history quickly evoke a classic age of American dining.


The Not-So-Quiet Power of a Good Restaurant Website

2 years ago

It's easy to overlook the importance of a well-designed and useful website in an age of social media hype, but a restaurant's website is the one true place the business has total control of the message.


Resy’s CEO Talks the State and Future of In-Restaurant Technology

2 years ago

No longer just a reservations startup, Resy has emerged as a thoughtful leader in restaurant tech. Expect a lot more as they continue to work with top-tier partners like Union Square Cafe to develop hospitality technology that quietly powers guest experiences.