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Restaurant Megatrends 2019: The Battle for Loyalty Takes Place on Multiple Fronts

4 weeks ago

For restaurants, loyalty is not just a service to thank repeat customers. It’s an incredibly effective data acquisition strategy that is an increasingly vital component of any restaurant’s operations, from discount-driven chains to fine dining experiences.


Coupons Still Matter for Quick-Service Restaurants and Price-Conscious Consumers

4 weeks ago

The reason that a person chooses McDonald's over Wendy's more often than not comes down to the money. Wherever that dollar can travel further, that's where the customer will go.


OpenTable Encourages Diners to Travel With Its New Loyalty Play

1 month ago

This is a prime example of "Why didn't they think of this sooner?"


Fazoli’s Loyalty Play Is Built on Data and Breadsticks

3 months ago

It's not just about discounts for diners. A well-executed loyalty program can open up a window into customer behavior and feedback that hasn't previously existed for most restaurants.


American Express Is Giving Its Cardholders More Restaurant Perks

5 months ago

Amex ruled the top tier for quite some time. But with challenges from Chase's popular Sapphire card, it's leveraging its relationships with restaurants to try to give it an edge.


Gaming Restaurant Mobile Apps to Protect Privacy

8 months ago

While we like to think that people are becoming more cautious about their privacy, the convenience trade off is just too compelling for many consumers.


Subway Profits Drop and Store Owners Blame Its Loyalty Program

9 months ago

On Sunday night the Houston Rockets missed 27 three-point attempts in a row before finally making one. They lost the game. Subway seems like it's at the beginning of a similar, historic cold streak right now.


Subway Plans 500 Additional U.S. Store Closings This Year

10 months ago

Subway is banking on international expansion, touch screen kiosks, and a new loyalty program to boost sales as the competition thickens.


Punchh Gets $20 Million Investment to Boost Its Loyalty Efforts

10 months ago

Tech-based tools that help restaurants find and attract new customers are getting more sophisticated, helping businesses target increasingly segmented groups of people for maximum impact.


Free Chips and Salsa Boost Chili’s Loyalty Program Sign-Ups

11 months ago

A good loyalty program makes a huge difference — ask Starbucks. But Chili's is learning that they don't have to be complicated — people just want free stuff.


Subway Will Give Diners $2 in Exchange for Their Loyalty

12 months ago

We know it's a big ask, but we'd love to see our loyalty repaid by serving us sandwiches that we enjoy eating.


Hooters Franchisee Looks to the Blockchain to Drive Interest in Its Loyalty Program

1 year ago

Interest in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology has never been higher, so this is more a smart marketing play than technological advancement.