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Michelin Reveals Its UK Restaurant Picks for 2019

2 weeks ago

While we continue to be tired by both Michelin and 50 Best, the former's strategy for rolling out new winners throughout the year is one that constantly keeps it in the news and does the marketing job it's done so well for so long.


Chicago Loses Some of Its Michelin Luster

3 weeks ago

Accolades come and go, but Alinea is now Chicago's sole Michelin three-starred restaurant. Go for the whimsical balloons (but stay for the impeccable service.)


Michelin’s New Singapore Guide Absent Any Three-Star Winners

3 months ago

Singapore is another example of a market where the dining scene is too vibrant to be accurately captured by Michelin's restrictive rubric.


Michelin Guides Head Quits to Join Jumeirah Hotel Group

4 months ago

This is a great opportunity for Michelin to rethink how it creates, packages, and promotes its ratings acround the world.


Michelin Brings Attention to Under-the-Radar Japanese Cuisine

6 months ago

Restaurateurs have been having a hard time attracting tourists to the Tohoku region of Japan, but Michelin's new spotlight on Tohoku's samurai cuisine is helping to change that.


Michelin Guide Goes to Taipei in Attempt to Expand Influence in Asia

7 months ago

Despite the push into Asia, Michelin still feels like it's low on gas and misreading the map these days.


Chef Q&A: Maaemo’s Success Starts With Its Staff

9 months ago

Bang respects but rejects today's celebrated chef culture, however, his commitment to the essentials and transparency around his decisions have (rightly) exalted him and Maaemo to the role models they are today.


Bangkok’s Michelin Debut is Dampened by Lack of Any 3-Star Ratings

10 months ago

Michelin's shortcomings are on full display here. If the measurements for what constitutes a great restaurant don't match up with one of the world's best eating cities than maybe the measurements are off.


Fellow Chefs Name Michel Troisgros the World’s Best Chef

11 months ago

Good for Troisgros, but we'd also be interested in a list like this where holding two or more Michelin stars is not the qualification necessary to participate.


Michelin’s Restaurant Guides Play a Key Role in the Tire Company’s Asian Expansion

12 months ago

Michelin may feel like this is getting back to its roots, but it’s a tough market to crack and these are different times. The high-end vacuum brand Miele tried and failed a few years ago, and the World’s Best awards have become well entrenched.


Michelin Reveals its New York City Winners for 2018

12 months ago

There are excellent restaurants represented on the list, as well as glaring omissions that point to problems in the industry in New York City and beyond.


Tweets Reveal Some Michelin Guide New York City Winners

12 months ago

Michelin watchers will pay close attention to two things today: If the guide finally gives a female chef in the U.S. three stars and if the city adds more than six restaurants to the three-star collection.