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Starbucks and Politics Probably Aren’t a Good Mix

3 months ago

We think the concern here is overblown, especially at this point. Where are the coffee drinkers going to go, Dunkin'?


U.S. FDA Says It Will Try to Resume Some Food Inspections

4 months ago

No matter the country, government plays a key role in food safety. But in a country where government is the "enemy" for some and food safety is not at a premium it is the consumers who will suffer.


U.S. Government Shutdown Means Restaurants Can’t Vet Workers

5 months ago

Despite the headaches here, the worst-case scenario is a few people get a job and do some good work before they are "found out."


Restaurant Chains Benefit From Trump’s Trade War While Farmers Suffer

5 months ago

Too much meat is good news for chains selling stuff for cheap, but it's terrible long-term news for the people producing the food and could impact their ability to produce it in the future.


The British Curry House Is Making Its Own Brexit

6 months ago

From the UK to the U.S. and beyond, when you attack immigrants you're attacking the restaurant industry.


Some Restaurants Make It Easier for Workers to Vote

7 months ago

This is hardly a wave of vote enabling by big restaurant brands, but it's at least a sign that some operators think it's a good thing if its workers participate in the democratic process.


Bernie Sanders Wants McDonald’s to Pay Its Workers at Least $15 an Hour

8 months ago

With competition in the labor market and intense political pressure, a $15 wage at McDonald's doesn't seem as unrealistic now as it did just a few months ago.


Great News for Restaurants as IRS Reaffirms Deductions for Entertaining

8 months ago

High-end restaurants in major business cities in the U.S. can breathe more easily now as diners will return to freely spending someone else's money once again.


Top Fast Food Chains Don’t Want Their Minimum Wage Workers to Change Jobs

11 months ago

Cry us a river. We understand the labor challenges of restaurants quite well. But this is about chains squeezing franchisees and franchisees screwing workers. For reference, the CEOs of three of the four lead brands in these cases — Burger King, Dunkin’ Donuts, and Wendy’s — made $14.4 million, $5.3 million, and $5.1 million last year, respectively. And their non-competes top out at a year, and only if they're fired for cause.


Training Chefs to Be Policy Advocates (and Activists, Too)

11 months ago

We like to think chefs, restaurateurs, and political minds all want what's best for workers in the industry. In some cases, all it takes is a bit of education to get everyone on the same page.


Sec. Scott Pruitt and Spouse Probably Weren’t Right for a Chick-fil-A Franchise

12 months ago

While we may differ with Chick-fil-A's owners on politics, as owners of our own self-funded business we understand why you don't want entitled clowns messing with your legacy. Running a restaurant business is tough, and entitled government officials and their families only make it tougher.


Yelp’s New Antitrust Drive Targets Google Employees

1 year ago

Yelp's efforts to see tighter regulation of Google's business practices could have more success this time around than several years ago, when the U.S. Federal Trade Commission dropped the ball. European Union regulators have really cast the previous U.S. effort in a shameful light, and the Trump team may be more sympathetic than the Obama administration.