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Restaurant Brands International, Explained

5 days ago

Consider this a cheat sheet for all things happening at Restaurant Brands International.


Popeyes Shuffles Executive Ranks

1 week ago

Popeyes reported strong sales growth in 2018, but it needs to start expanding its footprint more quickly.


Burger King’s ‘Whopper Detour’ Campaign Led to 1.5 Million App Downloads

1 month ago

Who cares if the chain is tracking your location data? There are one cent Whoppers to be had.


Restaurant Brands International CEO Is Out in Executive Shakeup

2 months ago

RBI's brands (Burger King, Tim Hortons, and Popeyes) each have been reporting mediocre comparable store sales in recent quarters. This new leadership structure may provide the boost the company needs.


Restaurant Brands International CEO: ‘We’re Really Just Playing Catch-Up’ on Technology

5 months ago

This won't be the only time that we hear this sentiment from industry CEOs who have been dragging their feet on offering delivery, updating loyalty programs, and utilizing in-store technology. On the plus side, they get to learn from others' mistakes.


Chicken Is Cheap in the U.S. and That’s Good for Fast Food Nugget Lovers

6 months ago

If prices go down now that will be good ... until they need to go back up again and consumers start complaining.


Evening and Late-Night Delivery Boosts Popeyes’ Sales

11 months ago

Surprise quarterly gains are always good news — even better when they're fueled by new technology, allowing restaurants to discover new customers they may not have considered before. Popeyes is smart to expand its delivery testing.


Burger King Boosts Parent Company Earnings With Its Surprising Results

1 year ago

Good news for Burger King, which beat expectations with its fourth-quarter numbers. But in the competitive world of fast food, they'll need to continue to adapt — including doubling down on technology — in order to continue this good fortune.


Restaurant Brands International Shows Impressive Earnings in the U.S.

1 year ago

It’s turning out to be a banner quarter for fast food giants.