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Subway Jumps Into Delivery at 9,000 U.S. Locations

5 days ago

Will delivery "save" Subway? No. But since delivery is becoming a mission critical part of a restaurant's operational strategy, the chain is smart to roll it out in a big way.


Delivery Services Take Subscription Cues From Amazon Prime

2 weeks ago

Affordable subscription plans create happy and loyal customers. Happy and loyal customers place larger orders with restaurants. Wins all around? Maybe.


Postmates Delivery Service Just Raised Another $300 Million

4 weeks ago

Nobody outside of major markets filled with too many thirty- and twentysomethings who still wish they lived with their parents have the disposable income to waste on Postmates. It is not a real threat to real restaurant and food delivery services.


Postmates Talked DoorDash Merger, Grubhub Acquisition

6 months ago

Interest in and use of delivery services has never been higher. Merger, acquisition, or not, Postmates still has a chance to capture a larger slice of the delivery pie. But now's the time to act.


Postmates and Ford Partner on Driverless Delivery Pilot

9 months ago

Considering Postmates' limited markets and confusing pricing, Ford will continue to learn more about delivery and automation from the forward-thinking bunch at Domino's.


New Postmates App Puts Restaurants and Groceries on Level Ground

11 months ago

The new Postmates app feels like a local marketplace for food. The key to its success will be honing in on what makes it different from all the others.


3.18.2015: Fuku at SXSW / Reserve at Coachella

4 years ago