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DoorDash to Test Food Delivery by Autonomous Car

3 weeks ago

The restaurant industry, much like the auto industry, is still a few years away from fully capitalizing on self-driving car technology. So don't expect food to show up at your doorstep without human aid anytime soon.


Postmates Reveals Its New Restaurant Delivery Robots

1 month ago

Postmates doesn't pay its delivery people well at all, so its focus on human replacements is no surprise. Why any contractors eeking by put up with it is.


Subway Jumps Into Delivery at 9,000 U.S. Locations

3 months ago

Will delivery "save" Subway? No. But since delivery is becoming a mission critical part of a restaurant's operational strategy, the chain is smart to roll it out in a big way.


Delivery Services Take Subscription Cues From Amazon Prime

4 months ago

Affordable subscription plans create happy and loyal customers. Happy and loyal customers place larger orders with restaurants. Wins all around? Maybe.


Postmates Delivery Service Just Raised Another $300 Million

4 months ago

Nobody outside of major markets filled with too many thirty- and twentysomethings who still wish they lived with their parents have the disposable income to waste on Postmates. It is not a real threat to real restaurant and food delivery services.


Postmates Talked DoorDash Merger, Grubhub Acquisition

10 months ago

Interest in and use of delivery services has never been higher. Merger, acquisition, or not, Postmates still has a chance to capture a larger slice of the delivery pie. But now's the time to act.


Postmates and Ford Partner on Driverless Delivery Pilot

1 year ago

Considering Postmates' limited markets and confusing pricing, Ford will continue to learn more about delivery and automation from the forward-thinking bunch at Domino's.


New Postmates App Puts Restaurants and Groceries on Level Ground

1 year ago

The new Postmates app feels like a local marketplace for food. The key to its success will be honing in on what makes it different from all the others.


3.18.2015: Fuku at SXSW / Reserve at Coachella

4 years ago