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The UK’s Best Restaurant Is Also Its Most Expensive

1 day ago

We are deep in ranking and ratings season, but this is one of the few post-Zagat lists that combines users and pros to generate its winners. Does this mix bring us a better list?


This Year’s Eater Awards Have an Activist Edge

2 weeks ago

There's a progressive theme in many of Eater's national awards this year, helping to prove that food, people, and politics are inseparable.


Fellow Chefs Name Michel Troisgros the World’s Best Chef

3 weeks ago

Good for Troisgros, but we'd also be interested in a list like this where holding two or more Michelin stars is not the qualification necessary to participate.


Eater Releases Its List of the Year’s Essential Restaurants

1 month ago

Eater's picks for top spots reflects how many, many people eat now in cities across the U.S. It's delicious democracy with incredibly high standards and a solid payoff as well.


Michelin Releases Its List of New Picks for New York City’s Best Cheap(er) Restaurants

2 months ago

Too much Brooklyn and not enough Queens if you ask us.


Chicago Is Down One Michelin-Starred Restaurant This Year

2 months ago

Chicago lost two two-starred restaurants last year due to closures but still features a strong list of award winners, including the usual suspects.


TripAdvisor’s Best Restaurant in the World Through the Eyes of a Food Critic

2 months ago

TripAdvisor's restaurant listings and recommendations are one step removed from Yelp's when it comes to understanding what's good and bad. But that doesn't mean they don't have the power to make and break some restaurants.