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Plant-Based Protein Is Breakfast’s Not-So-Secret Ingredient

1 month ago

For many restaurant chains, the breakfast category presents plenty of opportunity for sales growth. Adding vegan options to the morning menu is yet another way to get more diners through the door.


Impossible Foods Lands Another Restaurant Chain Partner

2 months ago

Both Red Robin and Impossible Foods could use the favorable attention from this new partnership.


Greggs Ups Profit Estimates Thanks to Vegan Sausage Rolls

4 months ago

The shift to meat substitutes is a trend many restaurants are following, as consumers' eating habits continue to change.


Hey Restaurants, That Burger Isn’t Vegan — It’s ‘Plant-Based’

9 months ago

Not sure how or why "plant-based" works better than "vegan" but if people aren't scared away — and like the food — then whatever it takes, I guess.


French Restaurants Contend With a New Generation of Vegans

11 months ago

In the land of boeuf and butter, going fully vegan is a huge cultural shift. It's happening for some, but adoption is understandably behind the curve.


How One Woman Built a Vegetarian Empire in Barcelona

12 months ago

Sleek dining for plant-based meals has become relatively the norm in U.S. cities, but the trend is still gaining momentum in Europe where vegetarian food once relegated to hippie establishments is playing a larger role in mainstream dining.


Vegan Restaurants Move From the Fringe to the Spotlight

1 year ago

Consumers' demand for organic, locally sourced dining is giving rise to restaurants that specialize in a particular food philosophy, showing others what it's like when your operations match your marketing.


Bareburger Announces a New Vegan Concept Coming Next Year

2 years ago

Bareburger found success serving the plant-based Impossible Burger in half of its locations, but to sustain a standalone vegan concept, the menu has to go much deeper than a basic burger.