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Greggs Ups Profit Estimates Thanks to Vegan Sausage Rolls

2 months ago

The shift to meat substitutes is a trend many restaurants are following, as consumers' eating habits continue to change.


Hey Restaurants, That Burger Isn’t Vegan — It’s ‘Plant-Based’

7 months ago

Not sure how or why "plant-based" works better than "vegan" but if people aren't scared away — and like the food — then whatever it takes, I guess.


French Restaurants Contend With a New Generation of Vegans

9 months ago

In the land of boeuf and butter, going fully vegan is a huge cultural shift. It's happening for some, but adoption is understandably behind the curve.


How One Woman Built a Vegetarian Empire in Barcelona

10 months ago

Sleek dining for plant-based meals has become relatively the norm in U.S. cities, but the trend is still gaining momentum in Europe where vegetarian food once relegated to hippie establishments is playing a larger role in mainstream dining.


Vegan Restaurants Move From the Fringe to the Spotlight

1 year ago

Consumers' demand for organic, locally sourced dining is giving rise to restaurants that specialize in a particular food philosophy, showing others what it's like when your operations match your marketing.


Bareburger Announces a New Vegan Concept Coming Next Year

1 year ago

Bareburger found success serving the plant-based Impossible Burger in half of its locations, but to sustain a standalone vegan concept, the menu has to go much deeper than a basic burger.