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[Now On Demand] Skift Table Webinar: Enlightened Hospitality Is the New Normal

Skift Table’s webinar session: “Enlightened Hospitality is The New Normal,” sponsored by Wisetail, explores how restaurant leaders are adopting new strategies to interact and engage with their employees.


Today, restaurants across the industry are shifting to an employee-centric approach based on continually growing access to more nuanced technology integrations.

Skift Table Founding Editor Kristen Hawley hosts a lively conversation with Erin Moran, Chief Culture Officer of Union Square Hospitality Group. They examine the theme from both an operational context and within the larger restaurant industry ecosystem, providing a broad analysis about how restaurants are connecting with employees at every available touchpoint.

Who Should Watch?

This call is tailor-made for owners and operators at every level working in the restaurant industry who are trying to understand what Enlightened Hospitality can mean for their business in 2018.


This content was created in collaboration between Skift Table and Wisetail.

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