The first annual Skift Restaurants Forum is on Monday, September 24. / Skift The first annual Skift Restaurants Forum is on Monday, September 24. / Skift

5 of Our Top Questions Ahead of Skift Restaurants Forum

It’s all happening! The first annual Skift Restaurants Forum debuts on Monday in New York. The theme of the day is collaboration — and not just in the “let’s push our desks together and work” kind of way.

Instead, we’re focusing on forward momentum after a challenging year of news. 20+ speakers at the top of their fields will share perspectives on a varied and specific set of topics (the schedule is here). Here are some of the big questions that will guide our onstage conversations.

How do we blaze the trail?

Some of the most exciting innovations in our industry come from those who choose their own path, breaking from what’s expected or what’s always been done. It takes an open mind and a lot of guts — and some business-savvy decision-making, too.

What’s the best way to get and stay on the same page?

Every project stakeholder has different priorities and methods of getting there. A universal goal guides any project, but the “when” and “how” of goal-setting can get in the way of the best possible result.

Are we ready to assume good intent?

Operating as if colleagues and peers have the best of intentions is a value of many successful companies, but a quick read of the headlines or off-the-record chat with service staff can sadly reveal the opposite. Working together in this new industry climate is a requirement, but is now a daunting proposition at times.

How do we identify and implement the best new technology to run a growing business?

There have never been more options available in restaurant tech, and the list will keep getting bigger. What’s the best strategy for operators and how can we all stay informed about the latest and greatest?

When is it time to cut a deal?

Exclusive and official partnerships are great for press and can be great for business, too. But choosing to work with a specific company, person, or system exclusively can limit other options.

Get answers to these high-level questions and much, much more on Monday. Buy tickets now — or limited registration will be available at the door. We hope you’ll join us.

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