New York Restaurant Design No Longer Forcing Diners to Use Flashlights

3 weeks ago

Dark and dramatic lighting can be moody... and annoying. We're glad the days of our dining companions pulling out phones as flashlights are numbered. (Looking at you, dad.)


Eataly World’s Opening Signals the Next Phase of Food Hall Expansion

1 month ago

Have we reach peak food hall? No, not even close. These playgrounds are a solution of sorts to disappearing retail by filling expensive real estate and playing to consumers’ appetites for gourmet choices and largely local, organic obsessions.


Noma’s Original Dining Room Is up for Auction This Week

2 months ago

Why settle for a restaurant’s coffee table book when you can have its coffee table?


Elements of Fine Dining Creep Into Fast-Casual

4 months ago

The term "fast-casual" seems loosely defined as fast food steps up its game and full service restaurants become more casual to adapt to changing times. Now, some of the elements that define fine dining are showing up in more casual formats. Lines = blurred.


One Celebrated Designer’s Secrets of Perfect Restaurant Design

4 months ago

A good dining experience at a restaurant may feel seamless, but more often than not, it's because great care has been put into each element of the physical space.


So Millennials Are Killing Restaurants Again?

5 months ago

Sure, we can blame the millennial generation for all the changes in the restaurant industry, but we should probably look at all of the technological and social changes, too.