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Pizza Hut Says Its Tech Innovations Haven’t Worked Yet

1 week ago

On one hand, the company has made great strides in upping its digital prowess. But on the other, many of its outdated U.S. outposts do not scream modern technology.


Fast Food Prices Rise to Better Reflect True Costs

2 weeks ago

Yes, the price of menu items has gone up over the last decade, but so too have the costs associated with buying food and paying workers. Those are the breaks.


Why Restaurants Still Lag on Digital Transformation

1 month ago

The big battle to come at restaurant brands is chief marketing officer vs. chief digital officer. Smart brands will realize that cooperation can breed innovation rather than conflict.


Pizza Hut Says It Will Use Robots to Cook Pizza En Route

2 months ago

Pizza Hut is great at these announcements. Meanwhile, Domino's is already filling potholes and making people happy.


Pizza Hut Enters the Fast-Food Price War With $5 Menu

2 months ago

Whether it's airlines or restaurants, nobody ever really wins a price war. You just make consumers think food is cheaper than it is, and make it difficult to raise prices when necessary.


U.S. Fast Food Brands Losing Popularity in China

3 months ago

When the Chinese chain competition is offering healthier menu options and free massages and manicures to waiting customers, a bucket of chicken from KFC falls a little short in comparison.


Pizza Hut Is Still Losing Even as a Rival Stumbles

4 months ago

If there's a competitive sales lift to be had from Papa John's disastrous summer, Pizza Hut isn't seeing it.


Yum’s China Operator Is Multi-Billion Dollar Target of Private Equity Firms

5 months ago

Despite recent challenges, there's no reason to believe Yum China's growth and profitability will soon outpace that of its U.S. parent company. Especially with a savvy local group like Hillhouse backing it.


Pizza Hut Leverages the Power of Sports and Beer Delivery

5 months ago

Pizza delivery, beer, and televised sports go hand-in-hand. It's almost as if a pizza chain that distanced itself from major sports events would falter. Oh, wait...


Yum Brands Beats Some Expectations but Still Falls Short on Sales

8 months ago

The chain is making more money from each visit, which isn't the worst news. But it's competitors are on track to perform much better this quarter.


Pizza Hut Is the New Official Pizza Sponsor of the NFL

10 months ago

People order pizza for delivery because it hits the right balance between taste, reliability, and price. Right it is Domino's game to lose, with or without the NFL.


Yum’s Choice of Grubhub as Its Official Delivery Partner Comes With a $200 Million Investment

10 months ago

The push toward exclusive delivery deals continues. The Yum! Brands deal is a catalyst for aggressive market growth as online ordering and delivery brands compete for restaurant business and market share.